The Lewin Combination Plane

The Lewin Combination Plane, "The Lewin Six Fifteen", was promoted in the Woodworker magazine from August 1949 to December1956. Two versions of the 615 were manufactured. The first version had 18 cutters, the second version had 19 cutters. Tyzack promoted the Lewin 615 in the Woodworker until January 1952. In January 1952 Buck & Hickman also began to advertise the Lewin 615. In the October 1953 Woodworker a Buck & Hickman advertisement offered the nineteen cutter version of the 615. In the December1954 Woodworker Tyzack again advertised the Lewin 615 and no further Buck & Hickman advertisements for the 615 occur. Lafco briefly offered the 615 in the Woodworker in 1955, offering credit, "for 16/6 deposit and 8 monthly payments of 16/6 (Cash Price 6/15/-)" The 615 plane was manufactured by Oxted Mill Ltd. Oxted Surrey. The first advertisement by the makers is in the July 1955 Woodworker. From July 1955 to December 1956 Kingswood Supplies promoted the Lewin 615 Universal Plane in the Woodworker magazine. The plane was called the Lewin Six Fifteen as the makers used the statement " Six pounds fifteen shillings is the official price of the tool" as a component of the marketing strategy for the product. The Lewin 615 was an expensive plane but it was a quality product. In the April 1953 Woodworker the Oxted Mill Ltd., advertisement made the claim that, "Over 10,000 of these Universal Planes have come into the hands of satisfied users in the last six years." In a future article the role of Hire Purchase in tool retailing in the 1950s will be investigated.